VISTA was founded to offer remarkable solutions in designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment related to storage tanks for oil and chemical materials. After 20 years of successful and significant experiences in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Tanootas Taban E.&C. Co. decided to establish VISTA to operate as an offshoot to manufacture equipment for storage tanks. This was aimed at expanding the portfolio of our products through more extensive research and development and making VISTA a specialized company for equipment of storage tanks. In VISTA, we will strive to manufacture high quality, world-class products by means of innovative solutions which go in line with the state-of-the-art technology in the industry so that the equipment of storage tanks are become economical, efficient, and more importantly safer. VISTA possesses a very well equipped workshop in which various tank accessories such as those below are manufactured in accordance to highest international norms and standards :

  1. Mechanical sealing systems of floating roofs
  2. Aluminum made Internal Floating roofs
  3. Storage tank drainage systems