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Vista has precious experience in installation of different equipment of storage tanks including internal and external floating roofs, sealing systems, ventilation systems, dome-shaped aluminum roofs and other components including Firefighting systems, control systems etc. Our adept technicians, with decades of experience in working on various tanks, ensure a safe, efficient, and suitable installation. Moreover, our seasoned experts are there to offer supervision services for installation processes for those wishing to cut down on costs, particularly for international projects


Vista offers a wide range of services on inspection of storage tanks and their components. This enables the owners to have better awareness of the conditions of their tanks and make better and more cost-effective decisions on their maintenance, replacement and or repair. Our accomplished experts, with decades of experience in the industry, offer comprehensive services on inspection including verticality and roundness studies, sealing systems and roof drain systems to make storage tank owners obtain accurate information in order to come up with an appropriate design and avoid unnecessary expenses in supplying the materials. It would have great privilege for the Vista team to act as your best partner in inspecting your storage tanks.

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Our main goal in Vista is to offer totally accurate and comprehensive engineering solutions. Decades of experience and broad knowledge of Vista’s engineering team have enabled the company to provide business owners with consultation services regarding innovative and economical solutions in installation, maintenance or replacement of storage tank components. Vista’s solutions address various parameters in design, including performance conditions and the surrounding environment of storage tanks, liquid to be stored, durability as well as parameters regarding tank size, capacity optimization, and so on. These parameters enable Vista to manufacture and install the equipment which would function in accordance with the clients’ needs.