Tanootas Taban Engineering & Construction Company was founded to take up projects in installation & commissioning of machinery and equipment primarily pertaining to oil & gas industry.


An endeavor was embarked to diversify our scope of activities and to set up a modern workshop for the production of equipment, components and machineries to be used in the above mentioned industries.


Elevating the company to the status of an EPC contractor. Hiring highly- qualified and skilled staff, along with purchasing sophisticated machinery and tools paved the way for the accomplishment of this goal in style. To this date, a good number of EPC contracts have been completed both at home and abroad.


The company made a move to solidify its position internationally. Integrated Management System (IMS) was introduced and ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 29001:2010 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates were obtained to secure our position as a global player with the backing of international institutes.


Tanootas Taban established VISTA to operate as an offshoot to provide diversified and innovative solutions for storage tanks industry.



To become a leader, in its global sense, in all aspects of our industry by offering safe & practical technical solutions through most economically viable proposals. Hence, proving ourselves as the best partner in any such projects.


To sustainably provide high quality, innovative and profitable solutions to our clients / partners through in depth and effective communication and making use of our engineering team’s ample experiences and craftsmanship in design and development of storage tank equipment & accessories.


Social Responsibility

One of our main objectives is to create a clean,
safe and healthy workplace and environment. every detail of our activities is conducted in a safe and environment friendly manner as per highest standards.

Authenticity of Engineering Approach

Besides practicality, service record and durability, our desire to build equipment with highest engineering novelty and originality to fulfill the clients’ exact requirements.


Innovation is indeed the corner stone of our company and we strongly believe in continuous research and development in all aspects of our activities be it in design, production methods and quality control in pursuit of the best quality possible.


Our commitment to our environment, local society, workforce and above all to our clients is the credo that is held dearly in our hearts and every person is held responsible in upholding these values.